The Peace of the Patriot

Wars and rumors of wars loom ever-presently on the horizon. Infanticide, perversion, and the incorporation of false religions into the fabric of Americas Biblically based morality are a constant weight upon the soul of the vigilant Christian Patriot. Continue reading The Peace of the Patriot


Support of Israel

Originally posted on Founding Father's Faith Blog:
  In short, we should support Israel not because of Republicanism, nor Politicism, Democratism, or Conservatism, but we should lend our support to Israel because of Biblicalism. When I say Biblicalism I do not imply a particular denominational teaching, but specifically that the Bible is the unerring Word of God which we must follow; taking each word literally, excepting… Continue reading Support of Israel

Who is “the enemy” ?

     Recently a Democratic Presidential nominees gaffe referred to the Republicans as “the enemy”. The GOP establishment immediately took umbrage that she would call them, or in fact, any American “the enemy”. The old guard have no enemies in politics it would seem.They have “friends” on the left. They have “colleagues” on the left. What they were in fact saying is that politics is … Continue reading Who is “the enemy” ?