RNC Convention: Speaking Truth to Power

The Christian Conservatives Network

If I am ever blessed enough to speak truth to power in a venue such as the RNC Convention I would say something like this.

Approximately four-hundred years ago, or forefathers, English Separatists, shoved off from the shores of England, shrugging off tyranny and seeking religious freedom.

You see, the Monarchy dictated what could be taught in the churches. There was no religious freedom. There was only one federally recognized religion.

Those courageous rebels of faith first landed in Holland- they found the Dutch tolerant of their faith, but they were also far too tolerant of other faiths including those the pious Separatists saw as “unholy.”

They headed West, eventually finding what we now call the United States of America.

Overcoming famine, pestilence and war our Pilgrim founders carved out a Godly existence, tolerant of all faiths not considered “unholy” in the eyes of learned Biblical scholars and indeed in…

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