The Remnantist™

From about the time he knew the difference between right and wrong  he knew mankind was destined for a terrible end.

He walked as he pondered the destruction that he knew would surely come , before he even knew that a loving God stood ready to redeem him and those with whom he was surrounded.

Certainly there was more to life than this –  dying slowly since the day we were born – feeling separated from Love – yet not really knowing what Love was.

Love revealed itself on a hill halfway round his mid- western world, millennia ago, wiping away forever the scum that had clogged his soul.

He watched the heathen rage, even as he held back his own rage at the impossible task that he suddenly began to see lay before him.

The One who created all of this – the One from whom we have willingly separated ourselves – He made Himself and His plans known in part to the young man.

Persevere until the end.

Tell them of My Love.

Monumental commission.

“I am destined to fail – I can’t do this, certainly not alone, it’s too much” He wept…

There was more, much more to do, and to see and to say. The answers to mysteries sought by kings for eons had been revealed , if only in part, to an urchin of no renown.

Once he assumed he was alone in his quest, as many do upon realization that the Ancient of Days is indeed their Father, now he knew there were others. Many others.

Trained and loved through his faults he grew wiser in the Ways of the Master – yet still inadequate in his own mind. The Quest persists.

Fallen, fallen away -many of the Called have been deceived. Consciences seared against the Truth they once embraced. The days were indeed evil.

The Cornerstone has become the stumbling block. The rubble of Faith obstructs the narrow path prescribed unto all of like-mind.

The Earth now lay in ruins. He walks among the dead.

One day, even the Name by which The Remnantist is called, Jesus Christ-The King of Kings, will be forbidden to be uttered, but that day is not yet.

Grizzled, he onward trods, a stranger in a strange land, longing to unite the Chosen as they are slowly obliterated from the face of this devilish sphere. Watchful and ever-vigilant, knowing that the time is short.


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